Big A-- Brick of Budweiser Soap in Beer Soap

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Duke Cannon has never ordered a chocolate martini at a ball game, and he's never capped off a 12-hour workday by cracking open a prosecco. Instead, Duke Cannon celebrates the simple wins in life by raising an amber glass bottle filled with a quality lager commonly known as the King of Beers.

Duke Cannon honors the authentic American values of freedom and ambition by partnering with Budweiser to add a hint of their beer to our large bricks of military-inspired soap.


  • At 10 oz., it's¬†2-3x the size¬†of common, dainty soaps
  • Yes, we really put delicious¬†Budweiser in the soap. The antioxidants in beer help clean the skin.¬†
  • Doesn't smell like beer, though. It offers a¬†warm,¬†cedarwood scent¬†that is distinctively rugged, yet refined.

Size: 10 oz.