Haunted Bartlesville, Oklahoma By Rita Cook

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Spirits and specters linger, haunt and taunt locals and strangers alike throughout Bartlesville. Some of the city's hottest tourist spots are host to chilling tales of otherworldly visitors. A fair share of the more than twelve thousand souls buried in White Rose Cemetery refuse to rest in peace. Gentleman diners may be distracted at Frank and Lola's by the chilling shadow of Estelle, a ghostly holdover from the building's brothel legacy. Jake Bartles gave his name to the town, and some say he left his soul for posterity as well, haunting the halls of the old Dewey Hotel. Oil tycoon Frank Phillips, loath to leave his riches, haunts Woolaroc Ranch and his mansion on Cherokee Avenue. It seems even those who have passed over do not pass on from this cosmopolitan gem.