Woolaroc Book By Michelle M. Martin

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Nestled in the rough and tumble Osage Hills of northeast Oklahoma, Woolaroc is a place of magic. The sound the wind makes whistling through the blackjack oaks, the water lapping against the shores of Clyde Lake, and the thundering hooves of a herd of American bison create a symphony of nature on the more than 3,600 acres that make up Woolaroc. The woods, lakes, and rocks of this region inspired oil magnate Frank Phillips, the founder of Phillips Petroleum, to build a rustic lodge getaway for his family in 1925. Away from the boardrooms of New York City and the more refined atmosphere of his grand home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Phillips could unwind and relax. Entertaining family, friends, business associates, and dignitaries at the lodge at Woolaroc was one of Phillips's favorite things to do when he was not working. Today, Woolaroc is home to one of the nation's finest collections of Western art and attracts visitors the world over. The spirit of the Oklahoma oilmen and pioneers that made the state great is alive and well in Woolaroc.