Body Towel Wrap Flowers

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Don’t you hate it when you wrap a towel around you after the shower and it never stays?

Now you can blow dry your hair or apply your makeup without having to worry!

Finish the rest of your getting-ready routine in confidence. We’ve designed a Body Towel Wrap that secures with velcro AND has elastic too -- so no more worries.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill terrycloth; we’ve made this from our incredibly super soft Cozy Blanket material! It’s printed with colorful giant flowers and is finished with a little ruffle detail.

Since it’s the cutest and softest towel wrap we’ve ever seen, it’ll make you want to stay wrapped up in it instead of getting dressed! Although it would be great gift for anyone in a dorm, we love using ours every day. It helps us live happy!