Captain Rodney's Bloody Mary Seasoning Elixir 6.7oz.

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The key to a great Bloody Mary is personalization and Captain Rodney’s makes it easy with our Bloody Mary Seasoning Elixir. You choose the base and we provide the flavor. Grab 8 fluid ounces of your favorite style of tomato juice off the shelf, squeeze your own or go crazy with a V8 or some other option. Mix in 1 Tablespoon of our seasoning blend and add your preferred spirit for an amazing Bloody Mary. If you like yours with a little more character, just dial up the seasoning or give it a kick by adding. We make it easy to experiment with seasoning and juices to find your own perfect blend of flavor. Whether you customize individual drinks or add 2 fluid ounces to a quart of juice to make a whole batch, Captain Rodney’s Bloody Mary Seasoning will keep your guests coming back for more!