Castles Magnified

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Ages 5-10. Turn the page and soak up the action before your eyes… Each time you revisit a scene, you’ll see something new! Read the text and find out what’s happening. Which knight has fallen off his horse? Can you spot the soldier having a snooze while on lookout? Can you see the fire-eater breathing lots of flames?

Next, grab your magnifying glass and see if you can spot the 10 items described on each page. Take a close look at each action-packed scene and cut-away illustration. You’ll find so many treasures in each eye-boggling spread, each described down to the tiniest detail.

Now turn to page 40 and test your memory. Can you remember where you saw each item? If not, don’t worry, we won’t set the archers on you… just yet! Grab your magnifying glass and go back for one more search-and-find adventure. You’re bound to spot much more this time around. Lastly, learn all about a host of amazing knights on page 38 and then turn to page 44 to study the timeline.

What are you waiting for? Discover the secrets of medieval history before the speedy knights beat you to it!