Cruiser Scooter

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The Micro Cruiser’s large wheels and low, chopper-style handlebars are why school-age kids love it. The strong yet lightweight 2-wheel scooter is ideal for beginner riders ages 6+ and can support up to 220 lbs.

The large wheels offer an incredibly smooth glide, effortlessly covering further distances with every ‘kick.’ Great for developing balance and encouraging exercise, while also making the commute to school more fun.

  • Fold & go! The convenient folding mechanism makes scooting to school a breeze. Park at the bike rack with the Cruiser’s handy kickstand.
  • The Cruiser’s cool chopper-style handlebar plus low deck offers premium comfort and control in a unique ‘low-ride’ style.
  • Every part on the Cruiser is replaceable! Once your child has outgrown it, freshen it up to pass to a sibling or a pal, so your Cruiser never ends up in a landfill. 2-year mfg warranty + rockin’ customer service included.