Easter Egg Marshmallows ( 2 Pack ) ( MIO )

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Looking for a fun and colorful Easter treat that's sure to delight both kids and adults alike? Southern Roots Sisters' gourmet marshmallows in vanilla flavor topped with fruity cereal, aptly named Easter Egg, are the perfect choice.

These handmade marshmallows are fluffy and pillowy, with a delicate vanilla flavor that's perfectly balanced with the sweet crunch of fruity cereal. But what really sets Easter Egg marshmallows apart is their whimsical design - each one is topped with a colorful assortment of fruity cereal, mimicking a nest of Easter eggs.

These delightful marshmallows are perfect for adding a touch of fun to any Easter celebration. Whether you're serving them up as part of a dessert table or adding them to an Easter basket, Easter Egg marshmallows are sure to be a hit.

So go ahead, indulge in the sweet, playful flavors of Easter with Southern Roots Sisters' Easter Egg marshmallows. They're the perfect treat for any Easter celebration!