Glitter Glaze -A Plaster Paint Product

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Glitter Glaze
Add a little sparkle to any paint color or project! Plaster Paint Glitter Glaze is the perfect product to dazzle and make your project shine! It is a water-based non-toxic glaze which can be applied over previously painted or freshly painted surfaces. 1. Paint a base coat of either Plaster Paint original or One Step in a similar color and let dry. 2. Vigorously stir your container for at least one minute. Some clumping may be found in the bottom of the container. Simply stir clumps until mixed thoroughly to insure Glitter Glaze is mixed well. 3. Apply a nice even coat and let dry. If desired you may apply additional coats. Plaster Paint Glitter Glaze is self sealing, so no need to seal at the end!