My First Atlas of the World

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Spark our littlest explorers’ curiosity about the planet we call home with this fully updated preschool atlas from the map experts at National Geographic.

This updated picture atlas ensures that even the youngest explorers have the most current information to help them understand the world. Simple, colorful maps teach kids about Earth’s land, water, and countries. Bright, bold pictures and lively, accessible text showcase the world’s people, places, and animals. Readers will learn elementary mapping skills and concepts such as the difference between a globe and a map, along with answers to such questions as “What is a continent?” and “Where is the ocean?”

Features include:

  • Instructions for how to read and understand a map
  • 4 world maps 
  • 7 continent maps 
  • United States map 
  • Canada map 
  • Mexico and Central America map 
  • Glossary and pronunciation guide 
  • Fun facts sprinkled throughout