Pens & Pencils Pattern Letter Writing Stationery Set

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Letter writing set featuring our watercolor deskscape print, originally hand-painted by me.

This fun print is great for kids, adults, bosses, aunts, and uncles alike.

It's a bit arty, a bit geeky, and definitely fun.

It's sure to inspire a smile on its recipients face, whether receiving the set as a gift or receiving a letter from you.

This stationery set include 20 lined writing sheets with full design on reverse side and 10 envelopes kraft envelopes.

Sheets are 8.5 x 5.5

Two lined sheets available per envelope, sheets have corresponding design on back When folded and inserted in envelope, sheets give the appearance of being lined - but the design 'pop' is much longer lasting than a liner that gets torn open and discarded so quickly.

 Envelopes are made of 100% recycled content, 50% being post-consumer content and made in the USA

Packaged in clear plastic box.